RN Training Day

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Members of the team running the ENCEPH-UK and UK-ChiMES cohort studies, investigating encephalitis and meningitis in the UK, ran the first nurses training day at University Hospital Birmingham on Tuesday 2nd July. 39 nurses attended who are currently recruiting into these clinical studies. The day was a great success with really useful feedback. A mixture of presentations and small group practical sessions filled the day, with case scenarios highlighting the issues both clinically and from trial perspectives. A number of presentations were given from various team members from Brain Infections UK team and the Oxford Vaccine Group with whom we are collaborating on the paediatric arm of the study, UK ChiMES (UK Childhood Meningitis and Encephalitis cohort Studies). These presentations included, the principles of the trials and their coordination, the clinical perspectives of meningitis and encephalitis, the aetiology and the purposes of additional samples being taken to investigate further the pathogenesis of these conditions and also understanding better the outcomes from these conditions including patient and family perspectives. We gratefully had the support of the Meningitis Research Foundation and the Encephalitis Society who gave valuable input and training for this event. Additional patient and parent stories can be found at http://www.meningitis.org/book-of-experience/jo-lofting-63755 and


To download all the documents from the day, please click the link below.

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