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This study has been borne out of collaboration between two study groups, the Liverpool Brain Infections Group and the UK Childhood Meningitis Study Group.

As with the adult ENCEPH-UK cohort studies, the study aims to better understand and improve the outcomes of encephalitis. It’s primary aim is to identify early clinical predictors of encephalitis, particularly viral as well as other causes of encephalitis, in children up to the age of 16 years, with an aim to create a predictor tool that can be used for early diagnosis and treatment.

As in the adult studies, we will ask children/parents if they would like to participate in a number of substudies:

  • End User Experience
  • Understanding disease mechanism studies
    • Inflammation in Encephalitis
    • Biomarkers of Infections for diagnosis and pathogenesis
  • Quality of Life and Health Economic Impacts

The meningitis component is a definitive study of aetiology, clinical features and outcomes of childhood meningitis.

There are also a number of substudies for the meningitis cohort which include:

  • Evaluation of the Bacterial Meningitis Score
  • Understanding disease mechanisms as above
  • Quality of Life